5 Beauty Blender Dupes That Rival The Real Deal

Upon its release, this cute little egg shaped sponge sparked a craze. But at $20 a pop, there are cheaper options available.

When the original beauty blender arrived, beauty fans seized the chance to abandon their crumbling wedge applicators in favor of a colorful, modern foundation tool, which lived up to its promise of being able to apply liquid foundation streak free.

The biggest catch, however, is the $20 price tag – at least $10 too much for a small make up sponge. It’s therefore no surprise that numerous cheap beauty blender dupes have since been produced, all of which vary in terms of both design and quality.

As so many of these dupes have flooded the market, it’s become very difficult for cost-conscious makeup fans to choose the most suitable beauty blender alternatives. Luckily, we’ve managed to source five of the best beauty blender dupes around – all of which retail for less than half the price of the real deal.

What is a beauty blender?

It’s a cute, egg shaped beauty sponge with a round surface designed to prevent the dreaded streaky look. It expands when soaked in water and requires a novel application technique – ‘tapping’ the sponge lightly against the face, rather than ‘swiping’ it against the skin.

1. Beauty Junkees Four Piece Pro Makeup Sponges Blender Set

beauty blender dupes set

Beauty Junkees’ makeup sponges are virtually identical in quality to the original beauty blender, but with a more affordable price tag. This beauty blender set contains four colorful sponges in different shapes, and each sponge has its own specific purpose. The green spade is ideal for concealing and correcting eye liner errors, while the pink teardrop sponge is best for applying liquid foundation. The purple pear is great for applying preparatory products such as primers and moisturisers, and the blue sculptor is the best choice for applying cover stick foundation and heavy concealers. At $14.97 for four, this set is very reasonably priced and would make an ideal dupe beauty blender gift set for makeup enthusiasts.

2. JUJU Flawless Beauty Blending Puff Sponges

JUJU beauty blender dupes

JUJU®’s lightweight sponges are latex-free and have an incredibly soft texture. A flawless, even complexion can be achieved with anything from lightweight mineral powder to more viscose products such as cover stick makeup. With JUJU’s blending sponges – which are made from a substance rich in Vitamin E – you can achieve an airbrushed finish with no streaks. You can wash and reuse them time and time again, as they are extremely durable and resistant to flaking and tearing. They’re great value too at just $3.99 per duo.

3. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Real Techniques beauty blender dupes

Real Techniques’ Miracle Complexion Sponge is a neatly packaged beauty blender dupe with an innovative flat edged tip, making it the perfect blending tool for tough-to-reach areas. If you experience regular breakouts and need more coverage, try using this sponge dry rather than damp – you’ll be impressed with the results. Word to the wise: this dupe beauty blender sponge is a little more delicate than the other beauty blender knockoffs on our list; you may require a back up or two if you intend to use it vigorously.

4. BMC Four Piece Pro Cosmetic Blender Sponges

BMC beauty blender dupes kit

This multi sponge kit from BMC promises to take your daily makeup routine to a whole new level. With four professional quality sponges, contouring enthusiasts have the option of layering on several coverage products using a different dupe for each. To this effect, the beige bullet shaped dupe is great for applying coverage in tight spaces, the red spade is ideal for applying concealer over troublesome blotchy areas, and the purple sponge’s flat head is perfect for applying cover stick makeup. The orange hourglass sponge makes a great beauty blender dupe for beginners, as its ergonomic shape allows for better hand control. We love the price too; at just $13.50 for the whole set, BMC’s multi sponge kit is a definite bargain.

5. Four Piece Kleancolor Makeup Sponge Blenders

Kleancolor beauty blender dupes pack

Kleancolor’s makeup wedge sponges are the lovechild of the beauty blender and the wedge applicator. Best of all, long time foundation wedge users can pick up a pack of four and use them to transition to the beauty blender. These cute pastel dupes make an ideal addition to the makeup arsenal of longtime beauty blender fans as they can be used for contouring purposes; their sharp edges allow for a more precise definition of the chin, cheeks and jaw angles. If you prefer sheer coverage, be sure to slightly moisten your Kleancolor sponges in advance, which retail at a bargain price of $5.09 per pack.