Mess Free Makeup: Top 3 Foundation Brush Sponge Picks

Fed up of wiping your hands on your clothes after applying foundation? Take a look at our selection of colorful hands free makeup sponges with handles.

Although makeup sponges with handles haven’t enjoyed the same popularity as the beauty blender has, the foundation sponge brush is a worthy substitute. For those who haven’t yet mastered the technique of the hand held blender, foam foundation brushes enable you to apply liquid, cream and mineral foundation products with much greater ease. The foundation sponge brush’s arm allows you to stabilize your application of everything from mineral powder to coverstick makeup, and best of all, you don’t have to get your fingers dirty at any point.

foundation brush sponge

Say goodbye to sticky fingers!

1. Pink Foundation Brush Sponge by Cheeky®

pink foundation brush sponge with handle

Cheeky’s hot pink jumbo foundation brush sponges look more playful than professional, but don’t be deceived by appearances! This set of three makeup foundation brushes with pale pink foam heads feature easy-to-grip metallic handles, ensuring extra stability and comfort when applying makeup. For $6.49, a selection of different types of brushes with round, flat and peaked heads, providing you with the right professional face contouring tools to achieve a flawless finish every day.

2. Ecotools Foam Foundation Sponge Brushes

makeup foundation brush sponge with handle

Using a foundation brush shouldn’t affect your conscience. Celebrity favorite EcoTools’ bamboo sponge brush is priced at just $4.79, and has to be one of the easiest to use eco friendly makeup brushes available. With its bamboo handle and soft, teardrop foam head, it can be used either dry or slightly damp to apply any type of foundation or concealer. This foundation brush sponge can be cleaned weekly with mild soap and water, and is made and packaged using recyclable materials.

3. Lollipop Flutter Cosmetic Foundation Sponge Brush

foundation brush sponges with handle lollipop

We love this lightweight lollipop flutter foundation brush sponge. Popular in China, this is the best type of foundation brush for girls who are always on the move; just slip one in your purse and touch up your makeup as you go. With its delicate, spatula-like handle, it takes up little space and weighs next to nothing. The flutter sponge’s 100% pure cotton pad is hypoallergenic and incredibly soft, making it suitable for sensitive skins who prefer light, water-based foundations and mineral makeup rather than heavy coverage products. Cost: $12.00. Trend factor: 10/10!