Has Wang Likun Had Plastic Surgery? Not According To Her

Wang Likun, a Chinese actress based in Beijing, has always denied having plastic surgery.

Back in 2013, however, it was hypothesized that Likun had undergone eyelid surgery and even a face lift. But at the International Film and TV Programme Exhibition that same year, the 38˚C Below Zero actress denied that she had had any type of cosmetic intervention.

At just 29 years old, it’s highly unlikely that Likun underwent a face lift in 2013. Arguably, however, there have been a number of subtle changes in the Beijing-based actress’ appearance over the past few years.

wang likun plastic surgery

Wang Likun plastic surgery before and after: slightly thinner and less droopy nose

Naturally, Wang Likun is blessed with a strong jawline and chin, as well as a slightly droopy nose and prominent eyes. When her 2009 pictures are compared to recent images, she appears to have a slightly more ‘button’ shaped nasal tip, less prominent eyes and a softer, fuller face – which could be attributed to the use of facial fillers.

wang likun plastic surgery

Wang Likun plastic surgery before and after: possible eye work and facial fillers

Nonetheless, it is difficult to be certain about what really caused Likun’s features to change. On the one hand, makeup or even a small amount of weight gain could have rendered some minor contour improvements. But if Wang Likun did undergo plastic surgery, it was by no means a drastic intervention. It is likely that she underwent a ‘finesse’ rhinoplasty – which involves making very minor alterations to an already attractive nose – as well as injections of hyaluronic acid to plump up her cheeks. Her upper eyelids have remained natural and unchanged, although her lower lids do look fuller and have a slight aeygo sal, or ‘love band’.

wang li kun actress 2015

Source: Soompi

Likun’s most recent acting role was in the 2015 production ‘Somewhere Only We Know’. In this on-set Instagram photo of her and co-star Wu Yi Fan, her face appears relatively unchanged, suggesting that she hasn’t undertaken any further procedures during the past two years.