Why Is Forehead Augmentation So Popular In Korea?

Commonly performed in South Korea, patients of Asian descent opt for forehead augmentation in order to achieve a greater degree of facial balance.

The role of the forehead in overall facial attractiveness is very important. For women, the ideal forehead shape is rounded and curved in profile, whereas for men, a moderately projected forehead and brow area conveys a strong, masculine appearance.

Despite this, some individuals of both genders have sharply sloped or flat foreheads. Forehead augmentation surgery can correct aesthetic problems of the facial upper third.

Forehead enlargement surgery also complements other surgical procedures. Correcting a flat forehead in profile view is often done alongside lower jaw advancement for mandibular retrusion and also nasal bridge augmentation, in order to bring the upper face into greater harmony with the lower facial regions.

Forehead enlargement techniques

bone cement forehead

Different techniques and materials are employed for forehead augmentation. One of these is when a special substance called calcium hydroxylapatite (also known as HA paste or bone cement) is applied through an open incision. Prior to hardening and setting, HA material can be moulded and shaped, enabling surgeons to customize the shape of the forehead as well as the degree of augmentation for each individual patient.

Another method is the use of a forehead implant made out of solid silicone. These implants can either be ‘stock’ models, or specially designed in advance with the aid of CT scan technology.

forehead augmentation korea

Source: Wonjin Beauty

Filler forehead augmentation with fat

The most popular method available in South Korea is fat grafting. Filler forehead augmentation is ostensibly the least invasive method by which one might augment the forehead. A key advantage with properly placed forehead filler is the way in which it can improve the position of low eyebrows. When applied carefully, filler in the forehead can lift the brow, giving the patient a more youthful and alert expression.

forehead fat graft korea

Source: QiuQiu

The application of a forehead fat graft incurs less pain and down time than implant insertion, although it too has its drawbacks – namely lumps, asymmetry and uneven dissipation that may either require further touch ups or reductive therapies such as steroid injections or HIFU (high frequency ultrasound) treatments.

Achieving ideal forehead aesthetics

When augmenting the forehead, one thing that must be taken into consideration is the projection of the brow bone. If a female patient has a fairly strong brow ridge, then augmenting the rest of the forehead with the objective of blending in the ridge could lead to a protrusive or ‘bubble’ shaped forehead. In such cases, forehead augmentation surgery is often combined with female brow bone reduction, which aims to reduce the bony brow ridge. This may also be combined with temple augmentation, and is very commonly sought by FFS (facial feminization surgery) patients.

forehead contouring

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Forehead augmentation is therefore popular in Korea due to clinics’ emphasis on craniofacial, maxillofacial and soft tissue work, which are combined in order to achieve a balanced whole rather than a singular improvement in one or two areas. Although the surgery was originally developed to correct significant genetic defects or dents from accidents, modern forehead augmentation techniques have certainly found a place in Korea’s plastic surgery industry.