40 Year Old Hiroshi Ishiguro’s Robotic Plastic Surgery

Hiroshi Ishiguro is a Japanese roboticist who masterminded the creation of his own robot doppelgänger around ten years ago.

Hiroshi Ishiguro robot

Forever young: Hiroshi Ishiguro, robot version

Uniquely, however, award-winning Ishiguro – who is now 51 – has undertaken anti-aging plastic surgeries to remain as fresh looking as his own robot, named Geminoid HI-4.

He explained to The Globe and Mail how, at the time of his most famous robotic creation, “I was 41 years old. Later on, of course, I’m getting old and androids never get old…”

hiroshi ishiguro robot

In order to combat this problem, one option would be to make a new robot every ten years. However, the high costs involved in making a new ‘age progressed’ Hiroshi Ishiguro robot Geminoid would actually supersede the cost of cosmetic surgery. “I don’t like to get old and actually… the cosmetic plastic surgery is much cheaper”, Ishiguro concluded.Hiroshi Ishiguro robot

Source: Niko Nikko

For now, Geminoid HI-4’s human counterpart will remain more or less frozen in time. Famous for creating ultra-realistic looking Geminoids, perhaps Ishiguro’s female robot muses will also opt for plastic surgery to ensure their counterparts don’t beat them in the aging game.


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