A Tall Order – Height Surgery In Korea

Height surgery in Korea is a popular choice for those who want to be head and shoulders above the rest.

In the South Korean dating scene, the preference for tall men is well known, as is the male desire to improve their romance prospects in a competitive, appearance-orientated culture. In a country where petite statures are the norm, it’s therefore no surprise that height surgery in Korea is most commonly sought by men.

Aside from this, career-related concerns are driving both sexes to the operating theater. For certain jobs in Korea, being an average height isn’t just advantageous; it’s a requirement. Indeed, Korea Air Lines Co. stipulate that cabin crew members must be able to reach overhead storage compartments without standing on tiptoes.

However, the primary motivation behind seeking height surgery in Korea is self-esteem. In China, ‘height related stress’ is a cause to undergo painful leg lengthening surgery, as is ‘height dysphoria’ in the USA.

Methods of Height Surgery In Korea

height surgery in korea

In South Korea, the Illizarov method is employed. This technique – usually reserved for those born with physical deformities such as dwarfism – involves fracturing bones in both legs before affixing special screw mechanisms to the bones. These are then attached to an external frame made of steel.

For at least a year, patients must subject themselves to the painful process of having these screws turned multiple times. This encourages new osseous (bone) formation and lengthens the leg bone. Undoubtedly, height increase surgery in Korea is a significant undertaking, involving a strong level of commitment and determination.

For Westerners who want to get taller, surgery in Korea has become an attractive option. Generally, surgeons in the USA and Europe are reluctant to perform the Illizarov method on people of short stature who do not appear to have any significant physical defects. Limb lengthening surgery is performed at hospitals in Gangnam, and total fees can reach over $200,000 USD. Whilst fees are high, the total cost is cheaper than that of leg lengthening surgery in the USA.


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