Actors And Actresses Share Their Korean Drama Diet Secrets

In the competitive world of K Drama, stars are pressured into maintaining their trim physiques in order to look good in front of the camera’s unforgiving lens. Over the past few years, several stars have shared their Korean drama diet secrets for the benefit of K Drama fans.

Tiffany Hsu

korean drama diet tiffany hsu

Source: Drama Fever

Last year, the naturally slim Tiffany Hsu debuted an even more slender body than usual. Gossip commentators were keen to learn the method behind Hsu’s 10kg weight loss, yet her answer was surprising to say the least. Unlike other famous Korean drama diet denizens, Hsu didn’t roll off a list of healthy foods she’d eaten, nor did she claim to have undergone a punishing exercise regime. According to Hsu, she simply skipped dinner for two years – yes, two whole years! – which had the beneficial effect of causing the excess pounds to melt away.

Skipping dinner might sound simple, but Hsu had to muster a whole lot of willpower on dinner dates with her friends. “If they invite me to dinner, I simply watch them eat”, she said. Of course, this may have made for more than a few awkward social occasions, yet Hsu was able to make up for her culinary abstinence by making delicious deserts for her friends instead.


korean drama diet rain

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The multitalented actor Rain, who is also a K Pop star, has an additional talent for losing weight quickly. Having lost 35lbs in just three months for one movie role, Rain’s enviably toned and muscular physique takes a lot of hard work. Unlike Ms. Hsu, Rain’s chiseled body has been honed through more conventional diet and exercise regimes, with an apparently strong emphasis on abdominal strength training and martial arts.

Arguably, losing weight is a straightforward task for someone with Rain’s level of commitment and determination, although he undertakes his most extreme dieting in preparation for movie roles and sponsorship deals. His diet consists of a variety of lean meats such as fish, together with protein-rich foods such as eggs and green vegetables. Avoiding saturated fat and white carbohydrates has allowed Rain to develop his physique into a lean and muscular shape.

And as for THAT Korean drama about diet…

korean drama diet

Source: Han Cinema

In a case of art imitating life, the interest in Korean drama diet secrets was immortilized to some degree in 2011’s fictional film, ‘Princess Hwapyung’s Weight Loss’. The naturally slender actress Eugene Kim slipped into a fat suit for her lead role – that of a princess struggling to deal with the loss of both parents at a young age. She overeats to compensate for this, although comes under pressure to lose weight in order to keep her true love interested in her. Although Eugene’s Korean drama princess diet would have simply involved taking off her fat suit at the end of a long day, we can imagine that Eugene Kim – alike other K Drama stars – works hard to maintain her shape through a vigorous diet and exercise regime.


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