Alabaster Complexion Savior – The Netatmo June

French weather company Netatmo have created a stylish smart bracelet, ‘Netatmo June’, which – together with a special app – gauges your sun exposure.

Sensible gals – listen up! If you’re concerned about maintaining your alabaster complexion this summer, the Netatmo June UV monitoring bracelet offers more than just an extra layer of sun protection.

What is it exactly?

This is a very pretty UV monitor – pretty clever, that is – given that this fashionable customized wristband doubles as a wireless sun sensor. Vital information is fed back to a special iOS app, which keeps you updated on your UV exposure levels as you go about your day.
netatmo june bracelet

Stylish: Netatmo June’s UV bracelet

Although the idea of a UV monitoring wristband is not new, the Netatmo June sunscreen bracelet is lot more tempting to buyers than a chafing rubber sports band. With its glittering presentation (for which former Harry Winston designer Camille Toupet is credited), the Netatmo June comprises a delicate faux metal “diamond” that slides on a leather bracelet. As an accessory, it’s ideal for work, play or the beach (silicone strap included); it can even be worn sans strap as a brooch.

So, how does the magic happen?

The Netatmo June’s jewelled fascia – you can choose between gold, gunmetal, or platinum – has an inbuilt USB mechanism which transmits UV readings to a corresponding iOS application. Far from simply spurting out beeps or warning flashes as the rays become stronger, you can pre-program the Netatmo June app to “sync” with your own complexion, ensuring that its recommendations are in line with your Fitzpatrick skin type. It also keeps a record of your cumulative sun exposure over the course of days and weeks, so that you can be better informed as to how to take care of your skin in the long term.

Since its release, a number of Netatmo June reviews have sprung up around the web. Mashable gave the Netamo June a Best Tech award, although CNET described it as “flashy” (the main limitation of this UV wristband is the fact it has clearly been designed with women in mind). It remains to be seen whether the Netatmo June will continue to leave the boys out or not, and whether the app will be released on Android once the product gathers speed.

The verdict

Visible signs of photo ageing aren’t a welcome trade off for a summer of fun… yet neither are dowdy UV monitoring wristbands. If you’re guilty of either over applying or under using sun cream, then as far as custom UV wristbands go, this sunscreen bracelet is one piece of wrist bling that is well worth the $99 retail price.

Quality: 5/5

Ease of use: 4/5

Value: 3/5

Overall rating:


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