Amazing at 59 – Liu Xiaoqing Plastic Surgery Before And After

Born in 1955, the eternally youthful Chinese actress achieved fame in the early 1980s as an actress, most notably as Cixi in The Burning of the Imperial Palace, for which she won several Chinese film awards. In the 1990s, she took a break from the film industry to focus on business and politics, although she still appeared in a handful of productions over the decade that followed. Given her habit of taking career hiatuses, she would’ve had ample time away from the spotlight to recover from a Liu Xiaoquing plastic surgery makeover prior to 2012.

Liu Xiaoquing plastic surgery rumours spread like wildfire in 2012 after she posted a photo of herself on the Chinese social networking site Weibo. Fans expressed their astonishment at her youthful appearance, which gossip commentators attributed to a series of plastic surgeries.

When Xiaoquing is compared to her pre-2012 photos, her taut complexion, more heart shaped face, and pointier chin are very apparent. Earlier images show Xioquing’s naturally square jawline and tired looking upper face, which appear to have been thoroughly rejuvenated.

liu xiaoqing plastic surgery  timeline

At a minimum, Liu Xiaoqing’s surgical procedures likely included fillers or fat transfer, a face lift and a neck lift. Her drooping cheeks, nasolabial folds, and horizontal neck bands – which tend to become visible in middle age – are visibly absent from 2012 onwards. Her more youthful, heart shaped face has most likely been attained through a cheek lift procedure, and her narrower jawline and pointier chin may be a result of a face lift alone or chin augmentation with bone recontouring. Additionally, it appears that she’s had some cosmetic dental work to give her a more youthful appearing smile.

Although Xiaoqing’s plastic surgery has been a success overall, her face lift has left her with a deformity known as pixie ear, where the earlobe is pulled down towards the jawline and anchored to the face in a fixed position. Luckily, this problem can be corrected with revision surgery, although for now, it seems that Xioqing has opted to conceal the problem with clever hairstyling.Liu Xiaoqing plastic surgery

Pixie ear correction after face lift. Source: Richard Zoumalan MD

Certainly, social media users believe that she looks like someone in her 20s rather than a woman approaching 60. Although stringent lifestyle habits and good genetics may account for Xiaoquing’s vitality, she likely owes a large part of her secret to plastic surgery.

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