Ask Korean Guys: What Do You Think Of Girls With Plastic Surgery?

Ever wondered what South Korean guys think of girls who get plastic surgery? Jina Kim went on a mission to find out.

The female student at Sogang University interviewed eight of her fellow students on a range of topics including love, dating, plastic surgery, and of course, breasts! The answers she received might surprise you; we’ve included a selection of our favorites below.

On Girls With Plastic Surgery

“I think that it’s a type of self-expression.”

“It’s their choice, but I don’t like plastic surgery.”

“[It’s] not just about self-satisfaction. It’s directly related to success in Korea.”

“I think if they look natural, it’s fine.”

“I think plastic surgery is better than having a complex about their appearance.”

On Dating Foreign Girls

“I’m worried about my kid being discriminated against if they are half Korean.”

“Sure, if I like her. Who cares?”

“If we can communicate and share our feelings, there’s no difference.”

On Beauty

“Most beautiful women smile or laugh a lot.”

“Good proportion? Face too.”

“Tall girls. That’s it.”

And Finally…

Q. Which one would you choose – a girl with naturally tiny breasts or large implants?

“I think every guy would choose the latter.”

“I’d rather choose the tiny girl.”

“I like both.”


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