Back To My Face Korea Explores Loss Of Identity After Plastic Surgery

Wish you could turn back time and reverse your plastic surgery mistakes? In South Korea, requests to ‘undo me’ are becoming more and more common.

Although most of us are familiar with the fact that plastic surgery doesn’t always work out (here’s a report detailing the rise of botched plastic surgeries in Korea), the phenomenon of the lost identity hasn’t really been scrutinized – until now. Korean reality TV show ‘Back To My Face’ examines the sensitive psychological issues surrounding regretful patients’ pursuit of cosmetic improvement.

Back To My Face Korea: Trailer

Unlike its US counterpart, the show’s participants are far from botched, and the show does not really aim to sensationalize the dark side of the surgeon’s knife. The women and men featured – all of whom have undergone at least 10 procedures each – show ‘before and after’ pictures of their plastic surgeries to members of the general public. A handful of the show’s participants conclude that their procedures have taken them too far away from their natural look, and decide to get back on the table in an effort to recapture elements of their former facial appearance.

The programme’s ‘panel’ addresses buyer’s remorse by presenting contestants with the opportunity to ‘go back’ in time and return to the operating table. Several of the show’s participants, however, elect to ‘stop’ and walk away with their surgical winnings.

No English translation currently exists. However, if your Korean’s not up to scratch, we’ve provided a short storyboard for the show’s opening trailer.


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