Before And After The Divide – 100 Years Of Beauty In Korea takes us through 100 years of beauty in one minute in North and South Korea with this fascinating short video.

A hundred years is a long time, but Korean-American model, makeup artist and hair stylist Tiffany Lee has managed to cover a century’s worth of different beauty, fashion and hair trends in little over a minute. The popular YouTube make up star was selected by The Cut to replicate Republic and DPRK trends from 1910 to the present day in this amazing ‘100 Years Of Beauty In 1 Minute’ time lapse video. Check out Tiffany’s varied makeup looks below!

100 Years Of Beauty In 1 Minute Korea

Before the divide: 100 years of beauty in one minute

Until now, the division between North and South Korea has been discussed in a political light; it’s well known that the North – in contrast to the South – has tight controls on fashion, issuing a strict roster of ‘approved’ hair styles for men and women. However, has given this a more glamorous interpretation with the help of a team of make up artists as well as Ms Lee’s playful on-camera poses.

As the screen divides in the 1950s, we see the divergence in style between the North and South. Columnist Eudie Pak believes that’s video whitewashed South Korea’s pursuit of artificial beauty, whereas other commentators feel that the video was intended to be a brief and light-hearted take on a single aspect of Korea’s changing cultural landscape.

As for the make up tricks used, check out Tiffany Lee’s YouTube channel where she explains how each look was achieved.


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