Brazilian Man Gets Reverse ‘Double Eyelid’ Surgery To Look Korean

When a Brazilian man gets plastic surgery to look Korean, radical surgical techniques are required.

A blonde, blue-eyed Brazilian man obsessed with South Korean culture underwent multiple ‘reverse double eyelid’ surgeries in a bid to make himself look more like a native.

26 year old Max – who now goes by the rather more exotic name of Xiahn Nishi – became enchanted by Korean culture at the age of 19. The young Brazilian’s fascination with the country grew after an exchange student trip to Dongseo University, during which time he immersed himself in K Pop music and watched hundreds of TV soap operas.

Xiahn developed an increasing desire to alter his appearance, envying his fellow students’ Asiatic eyes and dark hair. Back in Brazil, he visited several plastic surgeons. “I put my fingers inside the eye and pulled. That was the way I wanted to have my eyes,” he told Brazilian newspaper Zero Hora.

Unlike the Asian trend for double eyelid surgery, which involves creating a small ‘double lid’, Xiahn requested to lower his eyelid creases to resemble a naturally Asiatic ‘monolid’.

Brazilian Man Gets Plastic Surgery To Look Korean 2

Max after his ‘un-Brazilian’ makeover

At first he was told that no such procedure was possible, but Xiahn’s persistence paid off. Eventually, he found a plastic surgeon to perform an operation to adjust the corners of his eyes and change their overall shape.

Hyaluronic acid, a filler often used to eliminate facial creases, was injected into Xiahn’s upper orbital rim to create a heavier lid. “It was the first time this procedure was done,” Xiahn said.

In total, Xiahn has had ten eyelid procedures, which have rendered surprisingly convincing results. “I just wanted my eyes to look that way,” he said – but added: “I don’t feel like I’ve become an Asian or a Korean person”.

Brazilian Man Gets Plastic Surgery To Look Korean 1

Max aka Xiahan: before and after

Brazilian Man Gets Plastic Surgery To Look Korean 3

Xiahn now wears dark contact lenses and regularly dyes his blonde hair. It’s evident from the before and after pictures that aside from eyelid surgeries, at least one rhinoplasty was performed, as well as dental veneers and possible facial implants – which would explain the Brazilian’s newly ‘chiseled’ cheekbones and jawline.

The hyaluronic acid used to make Xiahn’s upper lids resemble Asiatic folds lasts for approximately two years, after which further injections are required. While Xiahn hasn’t yet decided whether he will repeat the procedure once the effects wear off, he states that plastic surgery has made him more confident and happier.

Brazilian Man Gets Plastic Surgery To Look Korean 4

Brazilian man gets surgery to look Korean: the final outcome

Xiahn certainly looks more ethnically Asian after his procedures, although peoples’ reactions have been mixed. As one South Korean commentator exclaimed, “he made his eyes smaller? Korean are dying to have a bigger eyes. Such a waste of eye size”.

Xiahn, however, claims that he has received over a thousand messages from people wanting to copy his new look since his story went viral. It remains to be seen whether reverse double eyelid surgery will be requested by several other Caucasian K Pop fans.


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