Is Cosmetic Dentistry In Korea Worth The Trip?

South Korea isn’t as well known for dental work as it is for jaw surgery, although cosmetic dentistry in Korea is of an equally high standard.

If you feel your smile is negatively affecting your appearance, it may be worthwhile to look into cosmetic dentistry in Korea.

Due to its pioneering dental technology, cosmetic dentistry in South Korea is very safe, particularly in modern and urban places such as Seoul. The majority of Korean cosmetic dentists use cutting edge tools and conduct their business in state of the art surroundings.

Nonetheless, selecting the best cosmetic dentist in Korea is imperative. Prices, materials and quality of work will vary from clinic to clinic, so it is wise to compare suggestions and quotes from at least three reputable clinics. If you have had previous dental work performed or are looking to revise any prior work, you might need to obtain your records from your regular dental provider in advance.

Cosmetic dentistry is defined as a branch of dental care that is primarily appearance orientated. A myriad of techniques can be used to improve the look of teeth, including whitening, deep cleaning, veneers, and gum lifting. More invasive work such as dental implants, dentures or root canal treatments must also render aesthetically pleasing outcomes, which is why a cosmetic dentist often works alongside a dental surgeon, hygienist and periodontist to deal with implants.

cosmetic dentistry in korea

Source: Gina Sohn MD

Questions to ask your Korean dentist

– The first important thing to establish is the use of materials in cosmetic dentistry. Crowns and veneers should be made out of ceramic or porcelain. X-rays, moulds, and the relevant diagnostics should be taken prior to proceeding with cosmetic dentistry in Korea.

– Enquire about your cosmetic dentist’s experience in providing the services you’re interested in. Ask how many times a month he or she performs such procedures, and whether follow ups are free of charge. Also check whether they are a member of the Korean Dental Association, or if licensed in another country, check the Dental Tribune for the relevant body.

– If you are travelling from abroad and intend to go back home soon after your dental work, then ensure that your dentist provides you with a breakdown of what was done, or refers you to a specialist back home to take care of your revamped smile.

– Although some cosmetic dentists have a fairly high profile online presence or websites in English, it is not always easy to find the best clinic for your needs. It is worth checking online directories and review sites, asking previous medical tourists or expats in South Korea who the most trustworthy dentists are.

– If you are from a different country, it’s highly unlikely that your dental insurance will cover any treatment abroad, particularly cosmetic dentistry. Therefore, in order to make traveling for cosmetic dentistry in South Korea worthwhile, the total cost of your treatment will need to be compared against prices back home. Alternatively, if you are a foreign resident with National Health Insurance, then you will discover that several dental treatments will be covered.


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