Fanny Sieh Plastic Surgery Scandal – What REALLY Happened?!

Source: Singapore Seen

In 2008, Sieh was a naturally beautiful Chinese actress who exuded class and style. Her elfin looks were complimented by a pixie hair cut and she was blessed with naturally pretty features.

Yet in the space of just six years, Sieh’s style and – most shockingly – her facial appearance, have changed irrevocably. Gone is her natural chestnut hair color and subdued fashion sense in favor of blonde highlights, more dramatic attire and boldly colorful makeup.

Fanny Sieh Plastic Surgery Transformation

However, it is almost impossible to appreciate her style transformation when the changes to her face are so distracting. Her sharp chin was presumably an effort to create the tapered, v-line jaw shape that has become so popular among Asian women seeking plastic surgery. However, in Sieh’s case her chin appears as a bizarre extrusion that does not blend in naturally with the rest of her face. Her almond shaped eyes also appear more uneven and unnatural looking than they did previously.

fanny sieh plastic surgery

The most striking change observed throughout the Fanny Sieh plastic surgery saga, which began after the year 2008, is her excessive facial fillers. It’s apparent that she’s had a permanent substance injected into her lips, cheeks, and chin. While she unveiled noticeably larger cheeks three years ago, it’s apparent that she’s had more filler injected into her nasal bridge as well as a chin narrowing procedure in the interim period.

Although Sieh’s ghostly makeup is partly to blame for 2014’s shocking look, we can’t help thinking that her facial fillers might have been of the contrabrand variety. Black market permanent fillers are unfortunately common in China, and are known to cause skin disfigurement, lumpiness and – in extreme cases – a distorted facial appearance. Alternatively, an overdone and badly injected facial fat transfer could be to blame for the sagging and unevenness of Sieh’s once-perfect skin.

Bad Fanny Sieh Plastic Surgery – Or Stevens Johnson?

Who better to address the Fanny Sieh plastic surgery furore than Ms. Sieh herself? According to Rachfeed, Sieh blamed a rare illness – Stevens Johnson Syndrome – for her facial appearance. In an open letter entitled ‘A Letter From My Heart‘, Sieh denounced her online critics as “malicious”, asking them to cease their mockery on account of her suffering.

A photo posted by Dame Fanny Sieh 薛芷倫 (@ballqueen) on Feb 1, 2015 at 5:39pm PST

Sieh’s recent Instagram posts indicate that things may have improved since December 2014. Although it’s possible that Sieh is suffering from Stevens Johnson Syndrome, which – according to the Mayo Clinic website – is when the “top layer of the affected skin dies and sheds”, it is unlikely that this is the case, given the accompanying changes to her chin, eyes and lips. Regardless, Ms. Sieh looks very happy and enjoys an active social life despite the issues others may perceive with her face. It is probable that Sieh was simply unlucky and fell into the hands of an unskilled doctor, perhaps suffering injectable-related complications at a later stage.


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