IU Plastic Surgery – Or Weight Loss And Makeup?

IU (Lee Ji-eun) is without doubt a very beautiful girl, but is her new look down to weight loss and makeup or has she had surgical help?

Rumours of IU having had plastic surgery are rife, but both IU and her management have denied that the cute star has undergone any surgery, putting the changes down to loss of puppy fat from her mid-teens, as well as the help of makeup.

IU has gained a reputation for being the only idol who hasn’t had plastic surgery, but fingers have recently been pointed at apparent changes in IU’s eyes and lower face. It has been speculated that her larger eyes are the result of double eyelid surgery, and it has even been suggested that her slightly more tapered jawline is evidence of jaw shaving surgery.

IU plastic surgery 2015

IU Plastic Surgery Rumors

In the above video, IU appears as a normal, healthy looking teen with a sweet singing voice. Her naturally small nose would’ve been the envy of many girls; she certainly didn’t look like an obvious candidate for rhinoplasty, let alone any other facial procedures.

IU’s before and after photos highlight the changes in her appearance since her 2008 audition for JYP at the age of 15. Her nose today appears to have a more defined tip and a slightly lower radix. It’s therefore quite possible she underwent a very conservative nose job in order to enhance her already pretty features.

However, it is debatable as to whether she underwent additional jaw recontoring; her face has likely became slimmer due to weight loss or minor liposuction.

IU plastic surgery

IU Plastic Surgery Before And After

It’s not unreasonable to put IU’s new look down to weight loss and makeup. Nothing about IU’s appearance screams ‘plastic surgery’, even when her current look is compared to her younger pictures. Her nose, face and eyes are more striking, but since these changes are perfectly possible with strategically applied makeup, it is difficult to cast any definitive judgements.

Because the changes in IU’s appearance are relatively minor, debate over whether she has or hasn’t undergone plastic surgery is likely to rage on. If she has had a little help, the changes have been relatively subtle, illustrating how – when it comes to plastic surgery – less is often more. The uncertainty surrounding the recent IU plastic surgery rumors could even be seen as a credit to her surgeon’s ability. If the rumors are true, then plastic surgery may well have enhanced IU’s natural beauty without resulting in any glaringly obvious or artificial looking changes.


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