Japanese Adult Film Actress Allegedly Spends $1M On Surgery

Komukai Minako, an adult film actress in Japan, revealed that she spent an incredible $1 million on plastic surgery.

minako komukai plastic surgery

The bulk of Komukai’s money went on breast implant surgeries, taking her from a naturally wholesome E cup to a J cup.

Regardless of how many surgeries were involved, $1,000,000 does seem like an extortionate amount of money to pay for breast augmentation. Gossip commentators have speculated that she instead paid ¥1 million yen, rather than 1 million USD.

Although it has been suggested that Komukai underwent her surgery as a means of competing with her glamour model rival Dan Mitsu, she may have undergone surgery for more personal reasons. In the past, 28 year old Komukai had a few brushes with the law, detailing her struggles with drugs and early relationships in her 2009 autobiography, I’m Really Sorry. Perhaps her breast augmentation surgery was a means of restoring her self-esteem after a rocky couple of years.


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