Korean Beauty Gadget – SkinTouch Smart Skin Analyzer Review

The SkinTouch is a brilliant beauty gadget that connects with your smartphone and assesses your skin’s moisture levels.

While we’re all taught the importance of maintaining a hydrated complexion, using a moisturizer that isn’t right for your skin or using it incorrectly can do more harm than good, resulting in greasy, congested, dried out or even prematurely aged skin.

In general, most people think that they know their skin’s habits. However, skin changes not only from season to season, but throughout the day too. It’s common for people with problematic skin to have a combination of two or more coexisting skin conditions that flare up in cycles from morning to evening.

Without conducting a series of regular skin analyses, it’s easy to continue down the path of using unsuitable products without being aware of it. But for simplicity’s sake, most people tend to identify a moisturizer that they feel works for them and stick to it, feeling that they are protecting their skin from aging and doing enough to keep it hydrated.

skintouch skin analyzer review

While it’s possible to have your skin analyzed at a dermatologist’s office, the results will only reflect the condition of the skin at the time of your visit. The needs of your skin change throughout the day; a snapshot of your skin at lunchtime won’t necessarily reflect your skin’s condition by late afternoon. Furthermore, an analysis with a professional device such as the Visia Skin Analysis machine could set you back as much as $100 a session.Pricier option: VIsia Skin Analysis

Pricier option: VIsia Skin Analysis

Enter… The SkinTouch Smart Skin Analyzer Device

Luckily, one company have developed an exciting new product to help women take control of their skin. The SkinTouch Smart Skin Analyzer device is a portable crystal attachment that fits in your purse and is designed to work with both iOS and Android cell phones.

skintouch smart skin analyzer device

This pretty, jewel-like fashion accessory is no bigger than a keyring, and comes in a range of cute colours. Concealing high end diagnostic technology in two tiny inbuilt sensors, the SkinTouch crystal inserts into the audio socket of your iPhone or Android, and works in combination with an App that is available to download for free on both the iTunes (iOS) and Google Play (Android) stores.

In order to use your SkinTouch, plug the sensor into your cell phone’s audio socket, open the app and follow the instructions on your screen. To take a reading of your skin, simply hold the tiny device next to the area you wish to assess in order to feed precise data back to your phone.skintouch smart skin analyzer device review

SkinTouch app user interface. Source: Appcrawlr

Within seconds, you will have a detailed report of your skin’s condition at your disposal, and you can repeat the process as many times as you wish in order to precisely determine your skin’s condition at any point in time. The SkinTouch App even keeps a record of your readings, from which you can determine whether to apply more or less moisturizer and – in the long term – assess whether your current skin care regime is working for you.

skintouch smart skin analyzer device review

Although the SkinTouch device may come across as somewhat gimmicky, the cosmetic science behind it makes a lot of sense. Women regularly spend large amounts of money on expensive moisturizing creams, but studies have shown that as many as 70 percent are using a moisturizer that isn’t right for their skin. The SkinTouch Smart Skin Analyzer device allows you to precisely tailor your skin care regime to the different needs of each facial area, so as to prevent incorrect or needless applications of skin care products.

Keeping track of your skin’s behavior over the course of days, weeks and months will allow you to build a tailor-made skin care regime without wasting time and money on ineffectual or damaging products. The long-term potential of the SkinTouch Smart Skin Analyzer device makes it a really great investment in the quest for beautiful skin.

SkinTouch Skin Analyzer, $30.99, Amazon

The verdict:

Quality: 5/5

Ease of use: 5/5

Value: 4/5

Overall rating:


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