Koreans Use BB CC and DD Creams For A Flawless Complexion

BB CC and DD creams hail from South Korea. Perfect your complexion and make sure you choose the right letters for your skin type with our handy guide.

South Koreans use the Roman alphabet to delineate body shapes, facial characteristics and cosmetics. However, these simple-sounding acronyms have led to a surprising amount of confusion – particularly when it comes to BB CC and DD creams.

BB CC And DD Cream Differences

So what’s the deal behind this trio of duplicate letters, and what do they actually mean?

bb cc and dd creams

BB refers to blemish balm. Originally developed as an ‘all in one’ solution, the best BB creams don’t simply conceal blemishes in the same manner as cover sticks. They tackle uneven facial skin tone – including redness, pigmentation, blackheads, and fine lines – repair aging skin, protect the skin from environmental damage and provide oil control (some BB creams contain a key ingredient for this purpose – silicone – which acts to shrink facial pores). They come highly recommended for those with problematic skin who desire a quick and effective fix. Busy bodies who don’t have the time to layer on multiple products will surely find BB creams a lifesaving (or time saving) beauty invention.

CC refers to color correction. The successor to the BB cream, CC cream has a more potent, long term effect on photoaged skin. With regular use, the active ingredients contained in many CC creams are capable of improving the skin’s tone and elasticity in the long term. Alike their alphabetical precursor, CC creams provide a good level of coverage as well as essential protection against UV rays, although they are somewhat lighter in texture than BB creams. Some contain a mineral base, making your skin look healthy and luminous to boot. Out of all the BB CC and DD cream options available, CC creams are the most ideal for those with aging skin, which suits less viscose types of coverage that hydrate as well as repair.

Finally, DD stands for dynamic do-all.  Yes, really. At first, it was assumed that ‘DD’ referred to daily defense – a cream which was eventually discovered to be an entirely different ‘DD’ cream, intended for the body rather than the face. So, somewhere along the line, the DD face cream became the ‘dynamic do-all’ cream, although in truth, there isn’t much more it really does do than BB and CC creams. Some facial DD creams have been designed with sensitive skins in mind; if you’re a rosacea or eczema sufferer, you will appreciate the added moisture and non-irritating ingredients contained in the newer DD creams.

The Best BB CC And DD Creams

Our list of suggested products covers the latest BB CC and DD creams for 2015, as well as our selection of favorites recommended by well-known beauty bloggers and fashionistas.

The BB American Version: BareMinerals Prime Time BB Cream

bb cc and dd creams bare minerals

Available in Light, Medium and Tan, this BB cream acts as a foundation primer and a complexion corrector. It contains natural antioxidants and powerful ingredients such as Vitamins C and E, which work against pre-existing sun damage and unevenness, as well as helping to quell inflammation and absorb excess sebum. With a high level of SPF 30, Prime Time is an ideal daytime BB cream for the warmer months.

The BB Korean Version: Skin79 Super BB Cream

bb cc and dd cream super bb beblesh balm

Super BB Cream is a pretty well known BB cream in South Korea. At just $6.99, this is the most purse-friendly introductory BB cream on our list. It contains Ceraminde 3 for moisturization, Adenosine for wrinkle improvement, Arbutin for skin whitening, and anti-inflammatory anti-oxidants such as Green Tea. Perfect for oily, acne prone skin, Super BB Cream also contains SPF for protection against the sun’s harmful rays.

The CC American Version: Pür Minerals CC Cream

bb cc and dd creams pur minerals

Pür Minerals’ Cc Cream is a lightweight CC cream, capable of moisturizing and providing luminosity to the skin, covering blemishes and skin imperfections, as well as providing a whole lot of sun protection (it has an SPF of 40, making it a perfect daywear cream during hot summers). Also available in Tan, this CC cream is silicone free, although it’s still an excellent choice for concealing fine lines and pores.

The CC Korean Version: Banila co. CC Cream

Korean cc cream bb cc and dd creams

Banila Co.’s tube of CC Cream contains natural skin lightening properties, which act to diminish troublesome brown patches. This is the perfect lightweight CC cream for fairer skin tones who want to improve, perfect and protect their skin all at once. Its silky texture means there’s no risk of ending up with a caked on look, while an SPF of 30 protects against freckle-inducing UVA and UVB rays.

The DD American Version: Dermadoctor DD Cream

bb cc and dd creams dermadoctor dd cream

Dermadoctor’s ‘dermalogically defining’ DD Cream rewrites the definition of ‘do-all’, although this lightweight cream pretty much does everything your skin could hope for. Its packaging heralds the fact it has ’15 Benefits In One’, including two crucial sunscreen ingredients – Titanium Oxide and Zinc Oxide – which provide an advanced level of SPF protection. Amazingly, this DD cream lasts for up to 8 hours, meaning that occasional retouches will seldom be needed.

The DD Korean Version: A’Quióng DD Cream

bb cc and dd creams arjun dd cream

A’Quióng’s DD Cream is truly a pot of magic. A powerful moisturiser and skin brightener, this Korean DD cream both protects and supplements your skin’s natural lipid barrier. It contains Chamomile Extract -which soothes and calms reddened, irritated skin – together with a host of other natural ingredients. Ideal for fair and sensitive complexions, the luxurious consistency of this DD cream means that it’s ideal for providing coverage in colder weather.


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