Let Me In Korea Gives People The Face They Should’ve Had

Plastic surgery for beautification purposes is very common. But Korean TV show ‘Let Me In’ also gives hope to people suffering from deformities.

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A strong reaction: Let Me In Korea

Through no fault of their own, some people suffer from obvious congenital or trauma-induced defects which have an impact on their quality of life.

Thankfully, Let Me In Korea’s panel of surgical experts have stepped in to right the wrongs of nature and nurture. Leaving aside the dramatic behavior of the show’s celebrity commentators and their ‘shock, horror!’ reactions, the show has been celebrated for showcasing amazing transformations on deserving members of the public. Here are three of the show’s most memorable reconstructive surgery cases.

Let Me In Korea – Our Top 3 Participants

Kim Hee Eun, Birthmark Removal

let me in korea Kim Hee Eun plastic surgery

Source: Blog Tamsu

30 year old Kim Hee Eun was a participant in season 9 of Let Me In Korea. She was born with a birthmark covering her cheek and mouth area, which gradually became larger and larger. In Eun’s case, the problem wasn’t just the overabundance of blood vessels causing very notable discolouration of her skin; it was the fact that the affected area had become swollen and inflamed.

As a result of this genetic condition, Kim Hee Eun was teased throughout school and subject to stares in the street. Thankfully, the team of skilled plastic surgeons from Let Me In were able to help her remove the birthmark and enhance her quality of life.

Pyo Ga Hee, Post-Cancer Reconstruction

let me in korea pyo ga hee plastic surgery

Source: VN Express

21 year old Pyo Ga Hee’s heartbreaking story brought gasps and tears in equal measure. As a child, she suffered from a rare cancer called retinoblastoma, forcing her to have chemotherapy to remove the tumor. Pyo made a full recovery, but the right side of her face – including her jaw, teeth and eye area – were left destroyed. The young artist was forced to cover up the affected right side with her hair, seeing herself as the half faced girl from then on.

Pyo’s situation required a series of complex craniofacial, maxillofacial and plastic surgery techniques to restore the absent side of her face. The surgery was a great success.

Choi Sun Mi, Scar Revision

let me in korea choi sun mi scar face

24 year old Choi Sun Mi was born with a pretty face, but unfortunately suffered a traffic accident 5 years previous to her appearance on Let Me In Korea, which left her face noticeably disfigured and scarred.

As a result of Choi’s accident, her friends shunned her, and life became very difficult. She also suffered long-term psychological trauma due to the problems caused by the accident.

Luckily, Let Me In’s skilled surgical team were able to resurface her scars, improve her eyelids and correct her nose.


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