Make Do And Mend With An Empty Lipstick Palette Container

Breath new life into your lipstick left overs and custom mix different shades together using a special melting cup. The lipstick palette container is back; take a look at our stylish picks.

With an empty lipstick palette container, you can apply the old adage ‘make do and mend’ to your unused makeup items. Given the cost and disposable nature of cosmetic products, the prospect of creating new lipstick shades and putting them in sleek lipstick palette containers is an exciting one. You can manually mix your lipstick colors together, or use a melting cup to create your own unique, vibrant hues. All that’s required is a microwave and a little bit of imagination.

MUD Empty Magnetic Lipstick Palette

MUD lipstick palette container

We love this empty magnetic lipstick palette by MUD with its vintage style silver clasp. This empty lipstick palette has a total of 35 refillable compartments in varied sizes, meaning there’s plenty of room for your custom lip colors. This professional lipstick palette container contains plastic wells, which can be detached and cleaned with soap and water. Should you wish to take it on the road, you needn’t worry about the prospect of a melting lipstick palette over the lining of your favourite designer purse due to its sturdy clasp.

MAC Pro Large Single Lipstick Palette

MAC lipstick palette container empty

The MAC Pro Palette Large is a sleek lipstick palette container with a separate Pro Palette insert. Its clear perspex lid makes it easy to see where all your colours are, and its simple minimalist design in ultra durable black plastic makes it a hardy yet stylish makeup tool. Preparing your Pro Palette is simple; take a separate melting cup, scoop in a swatch of color from each of your chosen lipsticks, and pop the cup in the microwave for 30-60 seconds. Using the spatula, dispense your brand new lip color into your Pro Palette insert, and by the end of it, you’ll have a lipstick palette container to make the top dogs at MAC go green with envy.

Z Palette Customizable Makeup Palette

Z Palette black lipstick palette container

Z Palette’s small customizable makeup palette is a neat little empty lipstick palette case. If you don’t fancy boring old black, you’re in luck – this Z Palette is also available in hot pink and leopard print. You’ll need to pick up some round metal pans, which can also be used to melt lipsticks together, as well as some metal magnetic stickers to hold your pans in place. The Z Palette is ideal for those who are looking for a portable, on-the-go lipstick palette container.

Notebook Style Lipstick Palette Container

Notebook style lipstick palette container

This Notebook style lipstick palette container is the little black book of lipstick palette containers. This sleek and professional magnetic makeup palette is definitely ready for business; its slim body can slot into any laptop bag or briefcase. This empty lipstick palette container has 12 removable wells, meaning that it can house a good number of DIY custom lipstick mixes.

Anna Sui Style Lipstick Melting Cup

lipstick melting cup kit

At just $6, this Anna Sui style lip palette melting cup is an excellent budget buy for fans of the designer’s glorious prints. This lipstick palette container accessory can be used as a melting cup; just don’t forget to pick up a stainless steel spatula to dispense your newly mixed lipstick colors.


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