Male Breast Reduction Korea – Say Goodbye To Man Boobs

Male breast reduction, also known as gynaecomastia surgery or ‘moob’ reduction, is becoming very popular in South Korea.

Like women, men can experience an unusual growth of natural breast tissue. In men, this condition is referred to as gynecomastia and occurs in all ages. Although overly large breasts in men are often a result of excess body fat, ‘moobs’ aren’t just prevalent in cases of obesity. The condition can be a result of hormonal imbalance, or can occur after the use of certain prescription drugs. Even heredity factors play a role in the development of ‘man boobs’.

Men who are self-conscious about their chest area may look into male breast reduction as a means of achieving a flatter chest. The gynaecomastia procedure has a successful track record in producing a more proportionate, masculine chest in men of all ages. Male breast reduction surgery is an ideal option to reduce excess breast tissue after massive weight loss too.

male breast reduction korea

You might therefore be considering male breast reduction in Korea:

  • If you dislike removing your shirt on the beach
  • If you are uncomfortable about the appearance of large breasts under your shirt
  • If you want to improve your chances with the opposite sex
  • If you want to better your body proportions

If breast enlargement is as a result of poor health, obesity, or excessive consumption of alcohol, regular exercises and a healthy diet can reduce breast size. Men should consider all the available options before undergoing surgery.

Male breast reductions are effective in reducing the size of a breast and giving it a flattened shape. Although the results are permanent, hormonal imbalances and weight gain can make the breasts enlarge again.

Methods Of Male Breast Reduction Korea

Male breast reduction Korea style is conducted under local or general anaesthesia. Typically, the surgery takes at least ninety minutes to perform, although the length of time will vary according to whether the case is particularly difficult or not. The surgeon makes a half moon shaped incision underneath the nipples and uses liposuction to suck out excess fatty tissue. In certain cases, this will be done via means of a lipectomy, which involves making deep cuts and surgically repositioning the fat rather than suctioning it out with a cannula.

After the operation, it is highly advisable that one stays in hospital, avoids strenuous exercise and takes a few days off work. An elastic garment known as a compression band will need to be worn for several weeks after the operation.

In rare cases, gynaecomastia surgery can result in the development of hypertrophic or raised keloid scars. Usually, however, these will fade over time, especially if scar care gels and silicone sheeting is used. Loss of sensation, especially around the nipples, is another risk.

Male Breast Reduction Cost In Korea


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