Miss A Suzy Plastic Surgery – What Has She Done?

Despite the fact that some fans consider Miss A’s Bae Suzy to be a natural beauty, the plastic surgery rumor mill has finally caught up with her.

Many fans believe that Bae Suzy is one of the few women in the Korean celebrity world who has resisted the urge to undergo plastic surgery. The Korean actress, singer and rumored love interest of Lee Minho is best known for being part of the all-girl K Pop trio Miss A. She made her acting debut on KBS2 by playing the main lead in the drama Dream High.

Suzy is pretty and natural looking – although some gossip commentators believe she’s had surgical help. There was talk of a nose job in 2012 – which Suzy’s mom later confirmed. Yet it also became clear that her eyes looked wider than they used to, indicating that she had double eyelid surgery at the same time.

miss a suzy plastic surgery before and after

Miss A’s Suzy: before and after

Miss A Suzy Plastic Surgery Rumors

During the filming of Invincible Youth Season in 2012, Suzy hinted that she’d had cosmetic surgery on at least one part of her body. It wasn’t clear whether she was referring to her prior rhinoplasty or not, but since then, Miss A Suzy plastic surgery rumors have gained momentum.

miss a suzy plastic surgery 2012 2015

Miss A’s Suzy in 2012 and 2015. Sources: Soompi and Yukamomo

Some blog commentators have suggested that she had a forehead implant as well as eye lid surgery (unconfirmed) and her self-confessed rhinoplasty. Her forehead does seem bigger now, although this is likely the result of her removing the baby hairs from her hairline – possibly via laser hair removal.

Suzy Miss A Plastic Surgery – More Than She Admits?

More recently, Bae Suzy has been busy promoting her group, Miss A, and their new single Only You. On the acting side, her camp have confirmed that she’s reviewing an offer to play the female lead in a Chinese drama that is set in the Ming Dynasty.

Given her busy schedule, it’s unlikely that the actress and singer has had much time to squeeze in any further procedures. Yet she’s still determined to remain tight lipped on the subject, meaning that the truth behind the Miss A Suzy plastic surgery stories can only be deduced by fans.


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