Modern Techniques Of Breast Surgery In Korea

Breast surgery in Korea is commonly performed on those who wish to alter the shape, size or volume of their breasts.

Types of Korean breast surgery include the following:

1) Breast reduction surgery in Korea involves the surgical removal of excess skin and breast tissue in order to improve the appearance of large, droopy breasts. A mastopexy, otherwise known as a breast lift, is often performed alongside this and entails the elevation of the areola complex.

2) The most popular kind of breast surgery in Korea is augmentation of the breast, involving the placement of silicone implants through an incision directly underneath the breast crease, via an axilliary (armpit) incision or through an umbilical (belly button) incision.

3) New techniques of Korean breast surgery include the injection of autologous fat directly into the breast tissue. This can be performed after breast implant removal (explant), or after placement of either silicone or saline implants in order to hide the edges of implants or correct breast augmentation deformities such as double bubble.

breast surgery in korea

4) Reconstructive surgery is available for those who have breast cancer or a prior masectomy.

Methods of Breast Surgery in Korea vs. the USA

In the United States and Europe, some of the most popular manufacturers of silicone breast implants are Allergan, Mentor, Natrelle and McGhan. In Korea, reputable clinics use cohesive gel breast implants manufactured by these FDA approved brands, all of which carry a selection of high profile, round and teardrop shaped silicone implants.

While it is possible to elect for breast augmentation in South Korea using saline implants, it’s worth noting that silicone breast implants have long been approved in Europe and were most recently approved by the FDA in the USA. As a result, silicone breast implants are considered to be the gold standard in breast augmentation, capable of giving patients a more natural look and feel than saline filled implants.

Before undergoing breast augmentation in Seoul, be sure to ask what make and model of implant will be used. Although Korean breast surgery is less expensive overall, unscrupulous clinics may use cheaper Chinese manufactured breast implants in order to cut costs and maximize profits. The safety profile of other brands is unknown; it is therefore better to err on the side of caution and do your research in advance.

Advanced Korean Breast Surgery Technology

korean breast surgery

South Koreans are known for using the latest technology. Some key points about breast surgery in Korea are:

  • The use of small incisions: Korean clinics offer the choice of inconspicuous incisions in the underarm, peri-areolar (underneath the nipple) or umbilical areas as well as in more traditional locations such as the infra mammary (under the breast) crease. It is quite difficult to find surgeons in the USA and EU who perform a wide range of different incisions, whereas in South Korea, the decision is made by the patient rather than the doctor.
  • Endoscopic technology: Enhancing surgical precision and minimizing scarring are top priorities for Korean surgeons. The use of keyhole endoscopic technology along with dissolvable micro sutures ensures that patients are left with discreet scars which heal faster due to the minimal trauma inflicted during surgery.
  • Fashion trends: celebrity culture in South Korea is quite varied. There are those who want a curvaceous S line body shape in order to emulate a certain actress or celebrity. On the other hand, there are those who prefer the skinnier physiques of K-Pop stars, and as the Asian breast shape tends to be quite small, natural looking implants are usually favored among Seoul breast augmentation patients.

Breast Augmentation Seoul Cost

The cost of breast surgery in Korea varies according to clinic, type of surgery requested and whether an implant is used or not. In general, revisional breast surgery is more expensive than primary breast work. For a break down of average surgery costs, visit this page to find out more.


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