Plastic Surgery Makeover Sustains Thief’s Lucrative Career

Plastic surgery made it possible for one South Korean criminal to evade authorities and embark on a nine month robbery spree.

Enjoying a life of relative anonymity – and carrying on just as before – is the name of the game when it comes to modern thievery.

In March 2015, a South Korean man stole almost $500,000 worth of goods over the course of nine months with the aid of DIY break-in tools – as well as a new physical identity.

He was promptly arrested and charged with 87 domestic robberies across the country. Curiously, however, the unnamed 35 year old presented with entirely different vital statistics to those which were on file from a separate arrest ten years ago.

plastic surgery to hide identity

At that point, it transpired that he’d undergone an extreme plastic surgery makeover, embarking on leg lengthening and jaw surgery, and reviving his criminal career thereafter.

Authorities suspected that he undertook these procedures in an effort to avoid recapture and arrest, something that the thief strenuously denied – citing a dislike of his former appearance instead.

South Korea is renowned for its enthusiasm towards plastic surgery, so it remains to be seen whether similar cases of plastic surgery to hide identity will arise in the future.


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