Rina Nanase – A Case Of Extra Terrestrial Plastic Surgery

Rina Nanase, a Japanese celebrity, underwent a series of facial plastic surgeries – with other worldly results.

Despite her career as an adult film star, Rina Nanase had a beguilingly innocent look about her. Yet this was evidently something that Nanase – known on camera as Rumi Kanda – sought to change.

Taking to the social media platform Twitter, the 25 year old Nanase entered into an open discussion with fans regarding the alterations she’d requested to her nose, eyes and chin. But the finished results didn’t attract much in the way of positive affirmation; one fan even compared her to Dobby, a character from the Harry Potter film.rina nanase plastic surgery

Source: OddityCentral

Certainly, the Rina Nanase plastic surgery storm generated a lot of ridicule – but it also inspired a degree of pity among fans. Commentators have suggested that body dysmorphic disorder might be to blame, particularly when Nanase made her dislike of her formerly ‘cute’ appearance abundantly clear, referring to her 17 year old self as having “beady eyes”.

However, it’s somewhat hypocritical to lampoon Rina Nanase’s plastic surgery misadventure when many Asian stars have undergone the same procedures as her with more aesthetically pleasing results. She is not the first Asian star to have ended up looking strange after a range of facial procedures, a scenario which ultimately comes down to the doctor’s ethics and aesthetic preferences.

Compared to pictures of Rina Nanase before surgery, the most significant difference appears to be her nose, which is very long and sharp. Additionally, her chin is noticeably pointier and her large eyes are very round.

In order to address these issues, the removal of her nasal implant combined with a revision rhinoplasty, a canthopexy and genioplasty reversal would perhaps bring her closer to her original look. However, it seems unlikely that Nanase – who didn’t feel that the changes were particularly drastic – will opt for revision plastic surgery in the foreseeable future.


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