Song Joong Ki Plastic Surgery – Did It Really Happen?

Like many other South Korean stars, Song Joong Ki plastic surgery rumors abound. But did he really undergo plastic surgery?

There seems to be no South Korean artist in existence who hasn’t undergone at least one plastic surgery procedure in a bid to improve their appearance. This is possibly why rumors about the plastic surgery procedures that Song Joong Ki allegedly underwent continue to float in cyberspace.

Actor Song Joong Ki’s star began to rise after his roles in Deep Rooted Tree and Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Blessed with a naturally handsome face, gossip commentators still suspect that Song hasn’t remained untouched by the surgeon’s knife. Yet when the supposed Song Joong Ki plastic surgery before after pictures are examined side by side, they don’t highlight any major changes. It has been speculated that the actor’s nose is the only part of his face that has received surgical intervention, although it is still difficult to detect any major changes in this area.

Song Joong Ki Plastic Surgery

Source: Twitter

The appearance of Song Joong Ki before plastic surgery is very similar to his alleged post-surgery look. However, it does appear as if he underwent a minor rhinoplasty. Indeed, the procedure appears to have been executed perfectly; he has retained his natural good looks yet benefits from a slightly slimmer nasal bridge and less of a ‘hanging columella’ at the base of the nose.

At this point in his career, Song Joong Ki is potentially embarking on a comeback role in the Korean drama The Descendant of the Sun, which centers around doctors and soldiers who are striving to complete their missions successfully. Song Joong Ki is positioned to play the role of a soldier who is discharged from compulsory military service. The drama will be aired on KBS 2TV and it will start on the second half of 2015, giving fans another opportunity to scrutinize the actor’s appearance (after all, even the slightest changes can be detected in video footage).

Often, a career break is a good opportunity for celebrities to undergo a surgical revamp away from the public eye. However, if a previous interview with Song Joong Ki is anything to go by, it’s unlikely he’ll elect for any more work. Stating that he’d never thought about undergoing plastic surgery, this was possibly an effort to debunk rumors of Song Joong Ki’s plastic surgery habits. According to the same tell-all however, the actor revealed that his lips were his least favorite feature – illustrating how good looking K Drama actors can be just as self-conscious as the rest of the population.


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