The BeautyBeam Makeup Lighting Tool Is Awesome

Are you ready for your close up? Until now, makeup lighting has never been truly mobile. The BeautyBeam is the tool we’ve all been waiting for.

A familiar scenario: you’re getting ready for an evening of fun, and find yourself struggling to apply makeup in the dark. Typical, right? Nonetheless, you think you’ve done a good job – until you catch a glimpse of yourself in fluorescent lighting, and realise that your eyeliner has been applied to your lip line, and your ‘flawless finish’ foundation doesn’t look quite so pristine in the cold light of reality.

Certainly, when you can’t see where you’re applying your makeup, the results can be unpleasant to say the least – even more so if you’ve ventured into applying liquid eyeliner or tweezing your eyebrows.

What is the BeautyBeam?

makeup lighting tool

Released less than a month ago, the BeautyBeam is an incredibly useful makeup lighting tool that does everything that the light up makeup mirror can’t. Available in pink, black, blue, green, purple, grey and white, the BeautyBeam is currently the best available makeup lighting option for those frustrated by the lack of portable beauty tools designed to assist in putting on makeup and eyelash extensions in poor lighting conditions.

How does the BeautyBeam makeup lighting tool work?

This discreet battery operated makeup lighting tool slips onto makeup brushes, tweezers and shaving arms with the aid of a special silicone band. A beam of light designed to replicate natural daylight is emitted (which, incidentally, does not hurt your eyes or cause temporary blindness), giving you a great close up of the area you’re working on.

The effects of lighting on makeup application are crucial. With the BeautyBeam, you can finally get your hands on the best lighting for makeup with your own easily portable makeup vanity lighting. Given this neat little makeup lighting contraption slips on just about any cosmetics tool, it provides you with a close up luminosity that is infinitely superior to that provided by a makeup mirror with lights.

beautybeam makeup lighting tool DIY

The BeautyBeam: our verdict

The BeautyBeam Mini Makeup Light

A traditional light up makeup mirror may appeal to some, but it has its limitations. In comparison, the BeautyBeam impresses on every front. The construction is sleek, sturdy and built to last. Most importantly, it’s extremely compact and easy to carry around in your purse or back pocket. At just $9.99, the BeautyBeam makes for an economical beauty lighting purchase for anyone who regularly finds themselves in situations where they are struggling to put on makeup precisely and evenly.

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