The Fat Jab – Get An S Line Body Shape Without Surgery

It’s now possible to get an S Line body shape without surgery. Find out how the new ‘fat jab’ can amplify your waist to hip ratio.

In South Korea, body and face shapes are denoted by specific letters from the Roman alphabet. Ample breasts, buttocks, curved hips and a tiny waist are essential components of the perfect S line body; the ‘S’ refers to the shape of a woman’s body when viewed from behind.

In North America, the ‘Kardashian Effect’ has inspired many women of African American and Latin descent to attain a curvaceous S line figure through surgical means. Although the S line body in South Korea is less generously proportioned than its Western counterpart, it shares many of the same hyper-feminine characteristics, such as a large hip to waist ratio and a shapely buttock area. Moreover, in South Korea, the prominence of curvier celebrities are fuelling the demand for S line body contouring surgeries.

Achieving a Korean S Line Body Shape Without Surgery

The coveted Korean S line figure can be obtained with a combination of breast, buttock and liposuction techniques. But while it is possible to surgically reshape an O Line or D Line body into an ‘S’, slimmer X Line patients are often turned away for surgical liposuction procedures.

However, thanks to a brand new injection, it is now easier than ever to achieve more of an S line body shape, particularly if you aren’t keen on the idea of surgery or have too little body fat to undergo liposuction.

s line body

The hips don’t lie!

‘The Fat Jab’

A host of non-surgical weight loss options have become available within the last few years, including monopolar radiofrequency treatments, cryolipolysis ‘fat freezing’ machines, and ultrasonic cavitation. The problem is, while these techniques are excellent at promoting a more taught, slim look, they aren’t as good at ‘sculpting’ a better shaped physique.

Fat decomposing injections in South Korea can not only help you obtain a coveted S shape without undergoing invasive surgery, but they can also be very precisely targeted in order to reduce problem areas and improve a ‘boxy’ hip to waist ratio. In short, they are capable of reshaping areas of the body, as well as promoting inch loss.

Fat Decomposing Injections

s line body fat decomposing injection lipolysis

Source: Dream Clinic

There are two kinds of fat decomposing injections available. Firstly, there are lipodissolve injections, which have been used for many years in Europe. Lipodissolve contains two ingredients: PPC – phosphatidylcholine – and DC, deoxycholate. The most potent of the two is phosphatidylcholine, a natural substance derived from the outer layers of beans.
Lipodissolve treatments involve the adinistration of micro-injections underneath the surface of the skin, directly into adipose (fatty) tissue. The combination of PPC and DC naturally destroys fat cells, breaking up fibrous adhesions so that the cells become soluble enough to be eliminated through the body’s natural waste system.

The beauty of fat decomposing injections is that they can be precisely targeted to specific areas; perfect for creating the right amount of concavity at the female waist in order to create an S line body shape. Fat decomposing injections can be most in most areas of the body and typically take around 20 minutes for each area. The injections to the body are carried out without the need for any general anaesthetic (although a numbing cream may be used) and you can return to your normal daily activities almost immediately. However, fat decomposing injections into the cheek, chin or jaw line to slim the face may result in slight bruising that takes 2-7 days to diminish. Compared to liposuction, however, recovery time is far less.


s line body atx-101

Source: Kythera

ATX-101 is a similar substance to lipodissolve, but with a slightly different chemical composition. This recent arrival promises to be more popular than ever; currently, the American FDA have only officially approved it for use underneath the chin, but it can also be used ‘off label’ for body contouring and reshaping.

Results from both lipodissolve and ATX-101 injections typically take about one month to become apparent. Typically, 2-3 treatments are needed in order to obtain desired results, and they are usually spaced between 4-6 weeks apart. When performed by a qualified doctor with a good track record in administering fat decomposing injections, the procedure is relatively quick and effective when compared to surgical body contouring options. The cost of fat decomposing injections compares favourably to the high cost of plastic surgery procedures, making it a much cheaper alternative to going under the knife.


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