Has Wang Likun Had Plastic Surgery? Not According To Her

Back in 2013, however, it was hypothesized that Likun had possibly undergone eyelid surgery and even a face lift. But at the International Film and TV Programme Exhibition that same year, the 38˚C Below Zero actress denied that she had had any sort of cosmetic intervention.

At just 29 years old, it seems highly unlikely that Likun underwent a face lift in 2013. When photos of her are examined, however, there appear to have been some subtle changes in the Beijing-based actress’ appearance.wang likun plastic surgery

Wang Likun plastic surgery before and after: slightly thinner and less droopy nose

As the 2009 pictures show, Wang Likun is blessed with a naturally strong jawline and chin, with a slightly droopy nose and prominent eyes. When we compare these pictures to ones taken in 2013, a slightly more ‘button’ nose can be detected, as well as less prominent eyes and an overall softer facial appearance, which could be attributed to the use of facial fillers.
wang likun plastic surgery

Wang Likun plastic surgery before and after: possible eye work and facial fillers

It is difficult to ascertain whether these apparent changes are due to differences in camera angles and lighting, or simply down to the use of makeup or minor weight gain. However, there is no doubt that if Wang Likun underwent plastic surgery, it was by no means as drastic as initially suggested.wang li kun actress 2015

Source: Soompi

Likun’s most recent appearance in the world of film was in the 2015 production ‘Somewhere Only We Know’. In an Instagram photo taken of her and co-star Wu Yi Fan during filming in 2014, her face looked very similar to photos taken of her in 2013, suggesting that she hasn’t undergone any further cosmetic interventions.


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