Watch K Pop Idol Kwanghee Endorse Plastic Surgery Clinic

ZE:A member and star of ‘To The Beautiful You’ Hwang Kwanghee adds plastic surgery clinic spokesperson to his long list of talents.

In a promotional video for a Seoul-based plastic surgery clinic, a smiling Hwang Kwanghee speaks with refreshing honesty about the surgical procedures he’s undertaken. He goes on to describe the professional and friendly nature of staff at ‘Special One’ clinic, and emphasises the importance of choosing a reputable plastic surgery hospital.

In the past, Kwanghee has been open about how certain aspects of his old appearance made him unhappy, stating that plastic surgery changed his life for the better. It’s perhaps no surprise that the young star was chosen to promote the services of Special One clinic, given his humorous yet honest take on the subject of plastic surgery.

Referring to himself as the “bluechip” of K Pop plastic surgery examples, he once stated that “If I don’t (undergo plastic surgery), it’s hard to make a living. I can’t sing nor dance well, so I have to make a living with my face at least”. Kwanghee also admitted that the no longer drinks alcohol, fearing that he might fall over while drunk and ruin his plastic surgeons’ skilful work.

Dramatic Hwang Kwanghee Before And After Pictures

hang kwanghee before and after

Source: Lollipop

Not only is Kwanghee endearingly likeable, but he is also a great example of how successful plastic surgery can be when performed by a skilled doctor. These Hwang Kwanghee before and after pictures highlight a number of dramatic improvements in his appearance; even those opposed to surgical enhancements would likely admit that he looks more handsome after going under the knife.

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Kwanghee admits that before plastic surgery he was particularly unhappy with his nose, undergoing a rhinoplasty to fix it. He has since undergone eyelid surgery and plastic surgery on his forehead, although judging by the available Hwang Kwanghee before and after pictures, it’s evident that his lower facial contour has been altered by jaw and chin remodelling. On an episode of KBS 2TV’s ‘1 vs.100′, he said: “Basically, everything you can see on my face has been retouched. I had my nose done, work done on my forehead, and oh, my eyes too”.

Kwanghee believes that plastic surgery is an acceptable pursuit in modern day South Korea. “This is the generation when you should be honest about it… Luckily the plastic surgery turned out well”. We can only agree!


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