Western Guy Requests Drastic G-Dragon Makeover At Seoul Clinic

Journalist Geoffrey Cain’s consultation with a Seoul-based clinic helped him to discover his inner K Pop idol.

In the West, facial plastic surgery for men aims to improve upon what nature intended without feminizing the face.

Although one or two improvements might be enough to satisfy some, South Korean surgeons have a more ‘comprehensive’ approach to aesthetic surgery. More often than not, a litany of bone and soft tissue procedures are recommended, which – when performed in one sitting – can render very dramatic results.

In Geoffrey Cain’s case, he decided to put the ‘Gangnam dream’ to the test. And in the American journalist’s own words, “My goal is to transform my face. I want to look like the nation’s most beloved rapper, G-Dragon.”

Source: Business Insider

Guess who?

Luckily, this was exactly what the doctor ordered. The results of his ‘before and after’ simulation – obtained from Cinderella Clinic – took him surprisingly close to his goal.

western guy requests g dragon makeover seoul korea

Source: Business Insider

An additional touch of Photoshop trickery completed his digital makeover, which left him with an impossibly smooth complexion and a coveted ‘V line’ contour.

western guy requests g dragon makeover seoul korea

Source: Business Insider

So, what procedures was Mr. Cain (perhaps we should now call him ‘C-Dragon’) recommended in order to achieve a K Pop look?

  • Cheekbone reduction
  • V-line jaw and chin contouring
  • Submental liposuction
  • Botox injections
  • Mandibular “sawing” (we presume this means lower jaw surgery)
  • Forehead lift
  • Upper eyelid surgery

Cindarella’s quote for all of the above came to $26,700 – which, while expensive, would only cover around three surgical procedures in the US.

His ‘after’ simulation shows a more youthful, symmetric looking face, although most Caucasian men tend to prefer a more angular, square jawline as opposed to a sharp V line.

Although Mr. Cain didn’t choose to pursue his “goal”, we like his ‘before’ face and don’t mind the simulated ‘after’ either (although we will reserve judgement on the hair). His doctor also provided him with words of reassurance:

“He tells me, consolingly, that there is more to life than looking like G-Dragon. “You are already handsome right now,” he says.”

We agree!

Read Geoffrey Cain’s full report here.


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